Monday, March 06, 2006

In Depth Reporting

Thanks to Jessica from Three Inch Crack, we may have found out why Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan have been on the fast track to anorexia, bulmia, and coke. It seems "our" dear friend Rachel Zoe, famous stylist to the stars has both of them as clients right exactly around the time that Lohan and Richie starting dropping the pounds and started that glassy eye look. If you check out some pictures of Rachel you can see that she too is rather skinny. I had found only a few photos and they don't even BEGIN to show how skinny Rachel really is.
So is this the reason behind Lohan and Richies new skinny addiction???!!!
There is even an article talking about the Rachel look-a-like phenomenon. All her "girls" as she likes to call them, end up looking like her, rail-thin, blonde, and fake tan. So what IS on this girls curriculum? Does she make them take tests on how to throw up properly without ruining the manicure? Or where to hide the cocaine so no one can find it? If so she probably needs to give Lohan another lesson, she seemed to have forgotten that part.


Blogger Goodbye Mes Amis said...

sick sick sick sick sick sick sick...

3/06/2006 12:47:00 PM  
Blogger Virenda said...

Thanks Jessica for the "lead" and yes it is sick.

3/06/2006 04:27:00 PM  
Blogger Lena said...

I've been reading about this. Rachel is a major bulimic drug addict. The sad thing is her chubby cheeks keep her thinking she's fat even though her body is a strip of jerky.


3/07/2006 12:26:00 AM  

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