Sunday, July 23, 2006

It's On A Need To Know Basis. . .

And you need to know. So my dear, lovely husband has worked his butt off learning all kinds of things and ways to make my blog better and thanks to him I have a new home over at my NEW dot com. I will shortly be moving so don't be scared and/or surprised when you get redirected. For those that link me, please update links, it is MUCH appreciated. I can't wait to see how it goes over at my new digs. I admit I LOATHE change so I'm a little scared but as long as my fellow friends come with me, then I'll be fine. Let me know how everything turns out and if you have any suggestions let me know.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

'Guess The Celebrity Legs' Winners!!!

Those gams belonged to little. . . . . . . . .
Christina Aguilera!
And The Winner Are. . .
  1. Julie
  2. Jen
  3. LA
  4. Amy Lou
  5. Courtney
  6. Bobealia

Friday, July 21, 2006

Paula Abdul-Not So Pretty Look

Time to go give those lumpy boobies a tune-up Paula. Okay folks I'm so freaking tired and I'm ready to go lay on my couch with my girls and veg. I'll see you all bright and early Monday morning. Enjoy your weekend. (I will come on and announce the winner though)

Free CD Give-A-Way!!!

Yes you heard me right thanks to some lovely people I can now present y'all with the chance to win Paul Oakenfold's BRAND NEW CD, "A Lively Mind" . I'm sure you guys have heard the new single, "Faster Kill Pussycat" featuring Brittany Murphy, so if you're interested email me.
You can listen to Faster Kill Pussycat HERE and watch the video HERE.
Contest starts today Monday the 17th 2006 and will end Monday the 31st at 12pm (pst). Winner will be announced August 1st. It's really that easy y'all.

Dakota Fanning To Appear Nude In New Movie

12 yr old Dakota is filming a movie right now in which she will appear nude and have near nude scenes. The movie is based on the young female lead character being sexually assaulted. If you'd like to read more about the role please visit TMZ.
As a mother to three girls I don't think I could ever stomach something like that. Period. The end. HELL NO!

Guess The Celebrity Legs

One more round before the weekend comes. So here we go. . .
Can you guess who these celebrity legs belong too?
Clue 1: She was born in 1980

Pink At The Late Show W/ David Letterman

Here's a good guessing game. Is Pink really a man? Or simply a lesbian? Or technically you could choose option C. which would be bi-sexual trannnie. Did I mention I kinda like Pink?

Jake Gyllenhaal & Lance Armstrong @ The Tour De France

Holy Hell! Um, I just never knew Lance swung that way. It's obvious these two heart each other bad.

Ashlee Simpson Leaving The Ritz Carlton in NYC

It's Paris Hilton, it's Jessica Simpson, No it's Super Changing Ashlee Simpson. I think she looks good in that generic way that all of Hollywood looks good. I don't know maybe I'm being bitchy or too critical but I would like to see her do her "own" thing instead of everyone else's. Oh and can she stop singing? Please?!

Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale Attend A Charity Event.

The charity event in question helps to benefit disabled children. I just thought everyone would like their daily dose of Gavin, Gwen & Kingston. I know they are close becoming one of my favorite families evah.

Kelly Clarkson On Her 'Addicted' Tour In Pittsburgh

Um. . . I like Kelly's new CD along with the rest of suburbia. That being said are you sure she doesn't like to muff dive? Wait can I say that?

Calista Flockhart @ The ABC TCA Party

Calista is set to be in a new show airing September so expect to see her face all over. Speaking of face, doesn't she look like a poor malnourished finch or maybe a parakeet?

Guess The Celebrity Beach Body Winners. . .

This celebrity beach body belonged to none other then. . . .
And the winners are. . .
  1. Bobealia
  2. Summer
  3. La

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Bai Ling-Drunken Whore of The Day. . .

I bring you fine people a picture of Bai Ling which really speaks a thousand and one words; All of which are inappropriate and foul. I seriously, 100%, can NOT stand this stupid, dumb, drunken whore. She is a whore bag.
Hubby says I should have titled it 'Drunken Whore, Hidden Syphilis'.

Justin Timberlake In GQ Magazine

Hmm... The jury is still out on whether or not I find him hot. I don't think I'm feeling the "military" look they did here but he's a rather sexy guy. Well except for the whole sleeping with Cameron Diaz thing.
So what do you guys think is Justin still a hottie?

Jennifer Garner & Baby Violet

Here's my favorite girls having some mommy and me time. Jennifer is working on a new film but takes breaks to go be with her lovely daughter. The rumor is that Jennifer and Ben are planning on moving to Boston to help Violet have a "normal" life. I agree. Get out while you still can Jennifer!!!
Baby Vi. :0)

Lance Bass-Ugly Guy Of The Day

Lance has been and will always been an ugly little man. I really wish he would just come out of the "closet". It's really just an insult to everyone's intelligence., I mean we all know your gay. We don't care. Come on Lance you can tell me. . . .

Guess This Celebrity Beach Body

Here we go again and my money is that you guess this one right away. Can You Guess This Celebrity Beach Body?
Clue 1: He was born in 1975

Pamela Anderson In St. Tropez

Speaking of whores with open mouths and bleached roots. Here's Pammie out on the beach (big surprise there). Rumor is she'll be a married "lady" in just a few days.

Jessica Simpson On MTV's TRL

Here's Jessica with her mouth open and her roots bleached, like always. I really am in wonder of the fact that someone with such little intelligence can get so far in life. Honestly even Pamela Anderson is smarter then Jessica. For those that love them some Jessica enjoy the pics.
Speaking of MTV here's Ashanti at the MTV Studios.
Again with the prom dresses.
DAMN GIRL! You've gained a little and by a little I mean a good 20 lbs or so.