Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Gwen's Going Home...

Baby Kingston in his carseat covered up.

K. Fed In "Item" Magazine...

Here's a few pictures of K. Fed and apparently they forced him into grown up clothes and even made him shower. Now listen, I'm all about guys looking polished, so why the hell is it I like K. Fed better ghetto? Enjoy the interview he did for Item magazine. He spouts of all kinds of nice sounding stuff that you know is just LIES.

On the public: "I should just put a bulls-eye on my back. If I stay home and take care of my wife and my kids, then I'm a loafer, not a good father. If I try to have a career, nobody thinks I am caring for my family. I can't win."

On rumors: "You'll never see that guy they say cheats or goes partying all the time. If I'm there and I'm out at a club, I am there for a reason. I am not there to mingle with women. All that shit is done to me. I did that when I was 21."

On his kids: "It's completely unfair when a child is brought into this world an now he's already looked at like a prince. My kids are going to have to learn what a real job is, what life is. You don't have it easy with me. Period....My kids are going to work at Taco Bell, dammit."

On his image: "I wish people would ask me about my career. Usually it's, 'How's the wife and kids?' Not that I mind; that's my pride and joy. But it would be nice for people to look at me like an artist. The day they judge me as an artist, a CEO, as somebody, not Britney Spears' husband, that's the day I am looking forward to."

On his media conspiracy theory: "The same day Dick Cheney shoots someone, they've got me on the cover of MSN [Web site]. It's life they're diverting attention from what's really going on."

Jennifer Lopez Pregnant?

I'm going to jump on this bandwagon and say she is. The rumors have been going on and on for years now about Ms. Lopez but this time, with ALL the talk and this loose fitting blouse I'm gonna label this one....
For more photos go to JustJared.

Bye-Bye Katie!

Say goodbye to Katie Couric.

Paris Hilton Sings At Tao

Here's a recent video of Paris Hilton trying and failing to sing "Do you think I'm sexy" by Rod Stewart. I'm going to link it and you can enjoy the clip and laugh, cry, and laugh some more. Can you believe this whore is putting a CD out?

Elizabeth Taylor

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. I can only imagine the word is crazy and it's on repeat.
She went on Lary King to refute the claim of Alzheimer's. Here's a few quotes from Liz: On rumors that she's planning her own funeral: "Oh come on, do I look like I'm dying?" she asked. "Do I look or sound like I have Alzheimer's? If they want to hear I'm dead, I'm sorry folks, I'm not." On the whole MJ fiasco: "I've never been so angry in my life.....I've been there, when his nephews were there, and we all were in the bed, watching television," she said. "There was nothing abnormal about it. We laughed like children, and we watched a lot of Walt Disney. There was nothing odd about it...we're so close because we both had horrible childhoods."

Paris Hilton Looks Fugly As Usual

Oh this is the ugly look for the day, maybe the week. Not sure why she stole some poor little girls pajamas and wore them out shopping but that's just the kind of mean thing you'd expect from Paris.
Where's a sniper when you need one?

Sandra Bullock At LAX

She's pregnant DAMN-IT, pregnant! Congrats to Sandra and husband Jesse. I know they haven't announced it yet but they will, oh they will.

Liv Tyler And Milo

I can only hope that she is as normal as she looks. I myself love Aerosmith but I'm surprised as hell how well adjusted his daughter turned out. I hope her and her lovely family are doing well and continue to do well. I know, I know boring but hey there's nothing wrong with being nice.
Although I have to say those shoes look like GIGANTIC versions of what my 6 year old daughter wears. I get the comfort thing, so notice I'm not ragging but well, I hate those shoes.

Halle Berry Feels 19

Here's some recent pics of Halle shopping and you know, even dressed down in the middle of the make-up isle she looks beautiful. I'm this CLOSE to forcing myself to not like her. Here's the thing, girls that look as good as Halle HAVE to be stupid and mean, so that it balances things out. She's unhinged the world and all of it's rules. She's messing with gravity damn it!
Here's a recent quote from our lovely Halle. She said, "I do have someone in my life who apparently putting a sparkle in my eye and he is 10 years younger. I feel good so I'm not worried about turning 40. We only are as old as we choose to be. So I'm still 19."

Adrianne Curry and Christopher Knight Wedding Photos

Here's a few shots taken of Adrianne and Chris's wedding. I expected crazy naked midgets and scary wrestlers to be in attendance, but everyone looks normal.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Mariah Carey's Legs

Here's a recent promo pic with a HUGE replica of Mariah's legs. I won't EVEN go into how those legs look nothing like hers and that she isn't worth 1 BILLION. Such excesses disgusts me. Yeah, yeah I know I cover "celebrity" gossip and I should be used to it, but I'm not. So there.
What's up with the pose on the right, does she have to pee?!

Drew Barrymore

Well it's been awhile since I've seen pics of Drew. It seems her and her boyfriend are still going strong which kinda surprises me considering her tract record with guys. I think Drew is looking pretty good and she seems to have kept the weight off, so Yeah for Drew!
Her skin looks great!

Spider Me This...

I'm going to get my fat ass off this chair and go spend time with my loud family in hopes that they feed me. I'll update later this afternoon. Until then enjoy a little Spider Ass...

Reese Witherspoon Is Pregnant

From the looks of these photos I'd say there's a 90% chance that she is indeed pregnant again. It's not my life or anything but I don't know, her family life seems awkward. Her kids look happy but her husband looks like he wants to jump ship and she seems to think pregnancy is a life preserver.
Thanks once again to the ever lovely JustJared.

Nicole Richie Comparison

Here's a comparison of Nicole Richie back in December and her now. Thanks To Hollywood Rag...

Mariah Carey Insures Legs For 1 Billion Dollars...

Anyone else hear Dr. Evil's voice? The news is that Mariah after getting the Gillette gig, insured her legs, honestly, for 1 billion dollars. Wow, that is so beyond stupid and eccentric that I want to vomit. VOMIT. I mean her F'ing legs aren't worth 1 million, let along 1 BILLION!
"Mariah Carey has insured her legs for $1 billion after being signed up to front Gillette's Legs Of A Goddess campaign. A source close to the 36-year-old whose single, "Say Somethin'" is out on June 5, reveals: "The sum reflects her popularity. "She's about to start a US tour and she'll have to be careful."

Mischa Barton In Chains...

Oh I'm giggling right now. RIGHT NOW! I had the best time once I saw this pic, I mean Mischa is running around in men's boxers, an old ugly shirt, and Mr. T's cast-a-way necklace. What's not to love? I even had the chance to search Mr. T quotes, cause um, yeah I so have to go there with Ms. Barton.
I pity the fool. - Mr. T

As a kid, I got three meals a day. Oatmeal, miss-a-meal and no meal. - Mr. T

I believe in the Golden Rule — The Man with the Gold . . . Rules. - Mr. T

When I was growing up, my family was so poor we couldn't afford to pay attention. - Mr. T

It takes a smart guy to play dumb. - Mr. T

Sienna Miller And Jude Law Together. Again. No Really...

I would, given the chance, run these two over with my mini-van. She deserves the heartache and he deserves to have his ass kicked by her. I hope these two enjoy inflicting pain upon each other and may they live happily ever after, somewhere in a cave. Full of bats. RABID BATS!
Sienna: "Well, it's pretty obvious, isn't it? We're working things out."

Johnny Depp & Kate Moss To Film Movie?

It appears that Johnny will reunite with ex-girlfriend Kate Moss for the biopic movie based on INXS singer Michael Hutchence. Kate is set to play Paula Yates in the movie. On a small side note Johnny and Kate once dated for 3 years and broke it off back in '97.
A source said: "Johnny was asked if it would be a deal breaker for him if Kate was cast."

"He said 'Not as far as I'm concerned.' He figures there's been enough water under that bridge.

"Obviously director Nick Egan hoping there's still enough chemistry between them that will translate to the screen.

"It has been claimed she never got over him and in the film they'll have to appear deeply in love."

Monday, May 29, 2006

Jennifer Garner and Baby Violet

I honestly love these two and I'm glad Jennifer is going about motherhood normally and not like the rest of Hollywood, hopefully things work out for her and Ben in the long run. Oh and I so can't wait to call baby Violet, Vi. :0)
Don't you guys remember lugging around the baby in the carrier? Towards the end that thing was HEAVY!
Here's Jen visiting Ben on the set of his new movie where he is also directing.

Paris Hilton Crotch Shots

Let's take a tour of Paris Hilton...
Here's Paris Hilton in a white dress trying her hardest to look pure and just coming off as pure trash...
Here's Paris Hilton blowing some guy from her video...
Here is a close up of Paris's crotch where it appears the crabs are in fact trying desperately to escape. Poor little guys...
Here's another shot of Paris's volatile vagina, where it appears she was either A. To lazy to walk to the restroom, or B. She decided a tampon was not in fact needed
Here's another close up of either A. Paris giving him a blow job, or B. Paris giving him a hand job. Those are pretty much the only two options one can assume when talking of Paris Hilton.
I hope you enjoyed 'our' tour today folks and please come again.