Saturday, December 31, 2005


I just looked at my blog and saw that my ad is advertising car rentals, LOL, that is actually kinda funny and let me tell you, if you have a choice between Alamo and Enterprise, go Alamo. I am still miffed, even if they did finally take care of the problem. I do have a new nifty little Pontiac Vibe though. It's pretty cool mini-suv, atleast it has power everything; no more having to manually roll down my window. Tonight I am going to sit back with my hubby and make him watch Must Love Dogs, and then force him to drink and play cards with me. The only reason he doesn't like to play cards with me, is because I always beat the pants off of him which he pretends he doesn't like . I hope everyone has a nice night tonight, please remember don't drink and drive. Cheers!

Home on the Range

Okay, the thing is, I saw this picture about 2 days ago and was amazed at what they were wearing and I thought it would be great to post this pic on my site and have a chance to let loose. Well it seems as if my humor (Did I really ever have any?) is all dried up and my husband is to lazy to help me come up with something witty. So, what was going to be a funny, witty little paragraph is going to turn into a paragraph about how my husband sucks. Yep, he does, and no, not in a good way. I would normally be worried that he would read my blog and get upset 'cause we all know how much he hates other people thinking badly of him. Well don't worry your little heads about me 'cause its apparent to me now that my husband doesn't like my blog. I have to force him to read it and then he gives me some half assed comment about how the pictures are cool. Yeah real cool (It's to bad you guys couldn't see me roll my eyes). Well it could be worse, atleast MY husband doesn't raid my closet and steal all my best ponchos, Oh, or make me wear chaps and take it from behind.

Kirsten Dunst and Skeletore

Evening ya'll! So I was surfing the internet and really what else would I be doing, when I came across these pictures of Kirsten apparently pool side and having a relaxing time. The big news was her scratching her ass, B-O-R-I-N-G! The reason I decided to post these pictures was because of skeletore next to her. That woman needs food stat! I would try and be funny but seriously that girl is SCARY! I of 'course also added the picture of Kirstens' ass scratching, which really, who cares? I've already assumed that while unnaturally skinny, celebrities scratch their asses like the rest of us. Only we don't have paparazzi taking pictures of us as we're doing it. I don't know about you, but the world doesn't really care weither or not I am scratching my backside.

Friday, December 30, 2005

This Sucks!

If you have read my previous posts then you will know that I am living in car rental hell. Just to recap though, my 2 year old daughter lost the rental key about 2 days ago and I called up Enterprise to get a replacement, when of course they informed me that I will have to wait till tomorrow. FINE. I call up early the next morning and they told me that they would have the key dropped off at my house sometime that day. Never show up. Another conversation occurs where as when they finally drop it off. Around 5:30 p.m. I put key in the ignition, and guess what?! No go on guess??? Yep, doesn't work and what is even better is when I call and get the most rude arrogant, need I say, Bitch, she informs me that they are closing and I will have to wait till tomorrow morning around 9 or so. Hmm... OKAY! Now I was under the impression that when you rent a car its use is to drive it around say I don't know, streets?! Apparently its not, Nope. Rental cars are supposed to sit in your garage neglected and collect as much dust as possible. Oh and the "help" at said rental car place is not supposed to help you, no, they are supposed to make you stark raving mad. Hey, in which case I guess they did do their job. Wanna know the best part? I was so upset about the key, I began my search for the old key and then the best thing happens, my husband calls up and informs me that he has indeed talked to them ( the manager) and he's going to try the key again and if it doesn't work ( um duh!) then he will go over their early tomorrow. What is even funnier is that after I hang up I realize, WOW I can't seem to find the new key. Yep, I did manage to lose the new key as well. I am a f'ing riot. I finally did manage to find the new key, after an hour of crying, cursing, yelling, some more crying, and bouts of self-loathing. Do you want me to tell you where it was? The roof of the car. Needless to say, I decided to order pizza after that. So now I am sitting down at my computer and eating lots of greasy cheesy pizza. I honestly can not believe the stress of this rental car thing. See I was in a minor car accident that unfortunately put my mini-van out of service. So with my 3 kids, I am driving around in a Chevy Cobalt which is cramped and has no automatic anything. Let me tell you it has been a loooonngggg time since I have had to roll up a window. This pizza is really gross by the way. Domino's is kinda nasty. I am tired and I just want to curl up in my bed with a good book and maybe even a rum and coke or two. Good Night!

Sons turn father in to Police

I was finishing up a conversation on the phone when this article was brought to my attention. I honestly forget sometimes that people every day are faced with truly difficult choices, this obviously being on of them. I think the men that had to turn their father in are very courageous. I couldn't fathom having to do something like that, would my sense of right and wrong demand me to do the same? I am not sure, or I should say I know that I couldn't. Growing up viewing things that were wrong, I often did nothing; not having the courage to do so. So I commend these individuals and wish them all the best. You can view this article here:

Crabs anyone?!

I figured since I posted Tori Spelling I would continue with the worthless disgusting celebrity theme. Here is Paris on Holiday enjoying the surf and apparently herself. I know if your like me then you hate packing for holiday as well, after all its stressful. We all end up forgetting to pack something important like say a toothbrush or most likely deodorant. It's nice to know Paris is just like us and forgets to pack necessities, like her medicated cream, for her um... Problem. And yes, I know when you have an itch you just have to scratch it, but couldn't she wait or I don't know go behind a tree or something?

Did He Wash His Hands After?

Um, okay?! I am not a fan of Tori Spelling, in fact I am not sure you can be. She hasn't done anything interesting since 90210 and lets be honest Donna sucked! Here she is with her new "fiance" having a nice outing, apparently getting her butt crack caressed. Maybe that is why she left her husband. Anyone else think it's pretty quick to get engaged even though she isn't even divorced yet?! I mean she has only been separated from her husband for 4 months. YUCK! I will openly admit that I occasionally grab my husbands ass in public. Of course its usually to embarrass him or sometimes I just forget were in public and his amazing ass magnetically pulls my hand in. However I HAVE never put my hand down his pants to fondle his crack in public (in the privacy of our own home, all bets are off). Also notice how darn tight those hideous pants are, he really wanted the crack to fight with those pants for it.

The Polish Invasion

Morning everyone. Today I went in search of a quote by a woman. Let me tell you its not easy to find something funny, that's written by a woman. I did find this quick quote which I thought was funny and a little dirty, just the way I like it. We get are quote today from Bette Midler, "I married a German. Every night I dress up as Poland and he invades me." I tried searching for different quotes but I really wanted one to be funny, and by a woman. If anyone has a favorite quote let me know and I will be sure to post it. So my husband called the car rental company to let them know how upsetting it was that they "forgot" to call or drop the key off. Apparently the guy I was talking to misunderstood and thought we were going to pick it up. Which makes sense since I had to give him directions to my house 4 TIMES! I can also see how it would be confusing when I told him that we had no way of going to pick it up because ummm we lost the rental car key, hence no way to drive. Yeah.. You can say I was pretty mad as I jumped out of bed screaming, "He's lying. Damn him and the crap car company. All of you are liars!" which needless to say made my husband a little upset. He covered nicely by gritting his teeth and telling the people on the other end of the phone not to worry, "my wife is just crazy". That is one thing about my husband he REALLY cares what other people think. I on the other hand go through fazes. I care what other people think, I can admit that, but if I am mad, upset, irritated, or tired than all consideration goes out the window. Since I was all those things I really felt the need to yell over the phone that those people are liars (which they ARE). I am babysitting my 1 yr old niece and my 2 nephews today. Which counting my kids makes 6 , which in turn means LOTS OF FUN! I have a two year old that gets very jealous and a 4 year old that is WAY to sensitive. My niece learned how to walk last night at my house. I was sooo ecstatic and I felt very guilty. My sister-in-law works full time and she feels so much guilt for not being able to be with her kids, hence my guilt for getting to see her daughter walk first. I better get off and pretend to at least watch the kids. I hope everyone has a great morning and afternoon. I will be sure to post later if anything interesting actually happens. So, do you think I could say "Hence" anymore?!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Ain't ain't a word!

My husband informed me about 2 weeks ago that ain't is apparently spelled with an apostrophe. Hmmm... Am I the only darn person that thinks that is truly ridiculous?! Ain't is NOT a word, so why should there be a "proper" way to spell it?! And if their HAS to be a proper way to spell the dumbest word ever it should NOT NOT NOT have an apostrophe. I mean really!!! An apostrophe makes ain't ai not, ummm that doesn't make any sense. Doesn't, wouldn't, and couldn't all spelled with an apostrophe, why? Because it connects two words, does not, would not, and last but not least could not. Ahhh now that I understand, that makes sense. I simply refuse to understand why I have to spell ain't with an apostrophe. Apparently I have nothing else better to obsess about then the proper way to spell ain't. That makes me want to cry a bit, if I wasn't so irritated about HAVING TO SPELL AIN'T WITH A FREAKIN' APOSTROPHE. I'd also like to complain about rental car companies and how they are freakin leeches!!! I unfortunately had a car accident about 2 weeks ago, NOT my fault. I also found out that our insurance doesn't cover a rental car. POOP! So we went to Enterprise Rental Car to get a stupid car to replace my brilliant mini-van (I have 3 kids). Unfortunately my husband and I do not have a "regular" credit card (we have a visa check card) so we have to put up 300 to get this stupid crap car. Then a week later we are asked/demanded to pay another 250. OKAY! I see on the pink paper given to us that it is only supposed to be 169.99 a week. What I want to FREAKIN' know is why then, I have spent 550 dollars to date for something that should be no more than 400 with tax??!!! And to F'ING top it off, my daughter lost the rental car key and I called up around 5 to ask them to replace it and they explained that the lock key person is out and to call 'em in the morning if I haven't found it yet. Hmmm okay sure thing. So I call at 7:30 to let them know I haven't found it and they need to drop one off at my house. I was pleasant and nice, even when they announced that they are short staffed and didn't know what time they could get it here. "Sure okay...", I respond. It's 8:30 and no freakin key, plus I called at 5:45 to see what was going on and no answer. Apparently they close at 6 p.m. and were to RUDE to answer 15 minutes before closing time. I feel like I shouldn't have to pay for a car that I can't use. I feel like I should also take a breather, maybe even a Vicodin to relax. What I could really use is a Rum and Coke, followed by mindless television. So my husband just came home from work, its 8:32 pm, and he dared to ask me, where dinner is?! I of course nicely informed him that couldn't he see I was blogging?! I have important things to do like checking my email or making fun of Paris Hilton. I suppose since he has "kinda" worked hard, I should get off and make him dinner (Hot Pocket anyone?). 'Night ya'll!

Um, Mariah, What the _____?

Okay is anyone else confused?! What in the hell is she wearing? Yes I know she has a better "pop" voice than many but talent doesn't excuse this outfit. I want to know why she thinks the "Hi I'm 8 and aren't I cute with big fluffy Princess Leia things on my head and hideous Chewbacca like boots?", is cute. I mean really!!! She could be a beautiful woman (not girl) if she would only dress her age and weight. I am not one of those people that think everyone should wear a size 2 or 6 but I do believe in dressing appropriately. Mariah is NOT 18 anymore nor a size 4 so STOP wearing size 4 jeans and bare midriff shirts and do something NEW with the hair already!

Quick Quote

Morning everyone. Today I have the unfortunate pleasure of watching 6 kids. So I probably wont have another chance to post till late tonight. I wanted to post a quick quote of the day before I have to go back out into my living room and face all the arguing kids. Today's quote I thought was funny, it's written by Robert Benchley, "It took me fifteen years to discover that I had no talent for writing, but I couldn't give it up, because by that time I was too famous." I thought that quote was pretty witty. When I went looking for a picture of Robert Benchley (which I finally found) there was a small paragraph that followed this picture. I thought it was pretty great so I decided to post that as well. I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to recapping, what is sure to be a stressful day, tonight. "It's the same as yours and mine, but a little, uh, less concealed. Uh, this man, whom we will call Arthur W., uh, permitted this picture to be made in the interest of science, but insisted on keeping his eyes closed, so that his friends would not recognize him and start kidding him. Arthur, as you will see, is rather a special type and easily hurt. But, as a study for the digestive tract, he is practically perfect."

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Quote of the day

Hi all. I almost forgot to post my quote of the day. I have been really trying to remember to blog and post a quote every day. So since I watched Cinderella Man and went online to learn more about The Great Depression. I think its only fair that we get a quote from the good 'ol president, Mr.Roosevelt. "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.", how very true that is. After reading up on the depression and learning why it happened, I'd have to say that, that quote fits perfectly.

Another day in Suburbia

Good morning! I just got home from dropping my husband off at work and picking up a coffee. I will be the first one to admit that I love Starbucks but geezzzz people! I went through the drive thru and it took 20 minutes because of all the cars. I would gladly have walked in but I am to lazy in the morning to put on "nice" clothes. My kids are also dressed, because I am to lazy, in their p.j.'s as well. So I just sucked it up and waited in line. So for any of you out there that are interested in gossip news, I am here to report that those pics of Ricky Martin frolicking on the beach with a "friend" are really pics of him and his BROTHER!!! Hmmm..... I still believe for certain that he is gay but I guess the pics were just a nice family get together. :-) Wink wink.... Also in sadder news I found out a couple days ago that Mike Meyers and his wife Robin are divorcing after 12 years of marriage. Apparently they were together for a few years before that as well. I hate when marriages like that break up. I haven't had a chance to visit my usual gossip sites this morning so I will probably report later on my findings. I also watched Cinderella Man on DVD last night. I think Russell Crowe is such a good actor. Apparently a complete jerk in real life but amazing on screen. I was very interested in learning more about the depression after that. I wont go into why the Great Depression happened but it is VERY interesting. I better get going and check my email and maybe I might even take a shower and get dressed this morning. :0) Hope everyone's morning is going good and I'll check back in later. If anyone cares to comment about the movies or has any interesting gossip, then I will be sure to get back to you. Before I go I would just like to list my fav gossip site's: idontlikeyouinthatway.Com,,,,,, and last but not least They have pretty good pics and superficial and sometimes can be funny. They used to be hilarious but now its hit and miss. Later 'Gators

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Hello again....

So I have been lazy the last few days and haven't posted, why is this so hard for me to do?! Does anyone else get so tired by life that they don't even have the energy to rehash it? Lets see, the last few days have been good. My friend Lena invited my 3 girls over for a Princess Party!! LOL it was sooo cute and my girls (especially Sophie) continue to talk about it and how much fun it was. They dressed up in princess outfits and the whole house was decorated, they had party favors, and cupcakes. While that was going on my husband and I went to go see KING KONG. 'K who knew it would be such a good movie?! Yes there were parts where you could see the obvious CG and a moment or two when you had to suspend belief (lol course it is a movie bout a giant gorilla) but over all it was truly amazing to watch. The scene with the dinosaurs and bugs will scare the hell out of you. The "locals" are pretty freaky as well. I recommend anyone who is into those kinds of movies to go watch it. The big screen makes a difference!!! Then after the movie we went back to Lena's for dinner and had a great time playing trivial pursuit. Lena and I kicked some booty. :0) 'Course I will admit the boys had caught up to us and it was VERY close. It's always nice when I can get my husband out of the house and into society. It's a friggin miracle when I can get him to like it. I am a HUGE book lover and I am still surprised that I fell in love with a man who only reads computer manuals. GOD how did that happen?!!! LOL, hunny if your reading this, you know I LOVEEE you! I had a chance to catch up on my daily dose of gossip today. YES I admit it, I am unfortunately addicted to Hollywood gossip. I love online gossip because they have the best most embarrassing pics. My daily routine usually consists of driving to the nearest drive thru-Starbucks (my kids and I are still in our pj's) and breaking all traffic laws to hurry and get back while I sip my coffee and read the gossip, while simultaneously yelling at the kids to: " Leave me alone, its mommys time darnit!" If anyone cares you can check out and for pics of Ricky Martin and "friend". Apparently they are filming scenes for Brokeback Beach. Also in the gossip news today, for anyone who likes those kinds of pics Toni Collette topples at the beach. Speaking of Toni Collette, she is a really good actress. Muriels Wedding is a favorite movie of mine. By the way you have to go to to see the pics of Toni Collette. :-) On a more personal note I found out about a week ago that my 2 yr old (3 in janurary) has asthma. I knew it was a possibility because my husband had it and my mom has it, but I am so mad at myself for not suspecting it first. I had two pediatricians tell me that she doesn't have asthma, she just holds on to a cough. For two Freakin months?! So this new pediatrician, whom I really like, figured it out in a minute. My daughter has had a cough for 2 months and mornings and nights are the terrible for her and anytime she plays to hard she starts to cough and wheeze. Apparently the fact that she has watery eyes is another sign of asthma as well, this whole time I just assumed her eyes were sensitive. Now I have to give her a steroid in the morning and albuterol (with a nebulizer) every four hours. The doctor said she will be better by MAY. Every time my daughter coughs and I know its because her lungs are irritated and swollen, I want to cry. I hate that its going to take so long for her to get some relief. She's a big girl and by that I mean she's tall and she has above average language and motor skills. But she's still my little baby, the last baby I have. I hate that I can't make it stop instantly, that I didn't figure it out before. I am a very young mom and when my second daughter was born I was 18. Someone came over to our house when my daughter was a week old and that person was sick. I was asleep so I didn't know that at the time. Well a day later my newborn (cece) is sick and has a runny nose. I am ashamed to admit it but I didn't take her to the doctor right away. I truly didn't know that it was a big deal. I assumed that all kids got sick and she would be fine. Well a day later she was coughing and I knew something was wrong so I took her to the doctor. The doctor hooked her up to this machine (forget the name) too see how much oxygen she was taking in. Apparently not much because she was at 71 and they had to rush her to the children's hospital and hook her up to an oxygen tank. Doctor Blanke (the best pediatrician ever!) tolled me that she had RSV. That was something I had never heard of before. She could have died anytime she feel asleep, any time her breathing was under 70 the chances of her going into cardiac arrest were HUGE! Every time I look at her now (she will be 5 in February) I think how close she came to dying and that it was my fault. She was in the hospital for a week and I had to use a nebulizer for close to a year before she was all better but now she is my healthiest child and I know how blessed I am. I thought that I was careful and I always made sure that I took them to the doctor after that. So I am so mad at myself for not catching it earlier. All the natural and normal signs were there to let me know it was asthma and I just ignored it, I didn't take note. UGhhhh!!!! I don't mean to end on a sad or sour note. So I will say this, I know how truly blessed I am to have 3 happy and healthy children. I also understand that asthma is not life threatening (most of the time) and that she will be perfectly fine. I just needed a moment to pity myself. Knowledge is power and I truly believe that but it is so hard to stay right in the middle and not get carried away. As my friend Lena can attest to, too much knowledge and you start to scare yourself into thinking that every small thing is something huge and as I can attest to not enough knowledge and you can threaten the lives of your children without meaning too. So on a lighter note my quote of the day is, " Teenagers so young, so angry. Damn that rap music!". I have always thought that quote is cute. If any of you don't know its from the Dr. Dolittle movies with Eddie Murphy. The Lizard is the funniest part.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Welcome to my First post...

How often have you seen a movie or read a book, and you think to yourself "WOW! This is an exceptionally well written book. You know that the characters were complicated and you loved and hated them. But you know you will NEVER read it again. The emotions were to complicated, they evoked to much pain and you were drained at the end of the book." I just finished a book and that same thought went through my head. Often times its hard to even say you liked it, because you hated how much pain was involved. You yearned for the happy ending. Vegas Rich was like that for me. Yes some of it was a little to much but I did like the book. I checked it out of the library just because of the title. See I used to live in Las Vegas for 7 years and apparently lol just the thought of it taking place in my hometown made me feel giddy and demanded that I check it out. I had a great lunch today with my Very bestest friend Lena and her beautiful daughter. We went to this great little Italian restaurant called Rustico and the pizza was phenomenal. My girls and I have been sick for a couple of weeks so this was the first time we were able to get out and have lunch with Lena. I can not tell women enough (especially newly married women) how important it is to have a "best" friend. As hokey as it sounds their are numerous times when Lena has picked up my spirits and helped me to get back on track. I seriously think Husbands should kiss the wives best friends feet. LOL there are times when I am murderous and she calms me down and makes me laugh and I know I can hang up the phone and be the loving wife I truly want to be. So husbands out their you better start buying your wife's friend a nice spa package lol or better yet some chocolate. So all in all its been a pretty good day so far. I still have to do the dreaded grocery shopping but I don't have to take my 3 kids, soo Yeah for me! I am going to go pick me up a nice starbucks coffee (iced grande mocha, 1 pump mocha, non-fat milk, and no whip). Let me tell you all non-starbucks fans. Starbucks rocks! Yes they all look the same and maybe their coffee isn't THE best but Damnit I LOVE THEM! They continually save my sanity and my marriage with there wonderfully caffeinated beverages served with the best thing in the whole world!, the green straw. Yes I said it, the GREEN STRAW. I am a simple woman and I have simple needs. Those needs being a pair of shoes every now and then, 5 minutes a day to myself, and a iced starbucks coffee with the green straw. When ever I am stressed, whenever I am far away from home, I know I can walk into any Starbucks get a coffee that always tastes the same, it always looks like my starbucks at home, it smells the same (normally), and I know I can count on the green straw always being green just for me. :0) and that my friends you can take to the bank. So did anyone else enjoy my run on sentence? NO?! hmmm..... Well ladies and gentlemen I will leave up with this one quote " the way of the foolish one is right in his own eyes..." Good day. P.S. LOL, I think I should get paid for every time I say starbucks don't you?.... just kidding.... sheshhhh!!!