Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Emma Watson Drinking... Shameful....

Oh My God Batman. It's underage drinking! This picture is of lovely 15 year old Emma Watson, you know the girl that plays Hermoine in Harry Potter....

Paris Hilton Filming The Simple Life 4

This is Paris Hilton taping The Simple Life. It seems Paris & Nicole ignored each other the whole time, which, you know, is VERY mature of them. I sure hope those dogs of Paris contract Rabies and bite her nose off, thus infecting her. Than I wish that she would ignore the symptoms because after all, she is used to the burning sensation. At the end she would get lock jaw and be hospitalized thus taking her away from the public eye so that I NEVER HAVE TO SEE HER AGAIN!

Penelope Cruz & Her Sister Monica

Holy hell, Batman! Penelope's sister, Monica is gorgeous. Damn.
How rare is it to actually have a celebrity sibling look as beautiful as the celebrity...?...!

The Afflecks...

Yeahhhhh...... It's my favorite Hollywood family the Afflecks. ~sigh~ Jen and Violet make me happy. Why....? I have no idea. I'm assuming it's because I was a fan of her show (1,2,3 seasons only) and that some how rubbed off on me. Anyways I just love the name of her daughter; Violet. I'm glad the decided with a half-way normal name instead of naming her Cat-Baby or Wonder-girl.
2oqlzyb 3oqlzrp

Janice Dickenson...

I saw these photos and HAD to post them. Why you ask? Um, did ya see them?! Janice Dickenson from America's Next Top Model (she's not on anymore) is obviously walking the red carpet with style...

Tyson Beckford & Naomi Campbell

This is an ad campaign done for Pirelli abut a year ago. Tyson Beckford pictured above & below has a movie coming out in 2006 titled, Dream Street. Plot? "A story about the human spirits ability to rise above hardship and tragedy. This beguiling urban drama follows the story of 'Lola Mars', a beautiful and gifted hip-hop producer/writer as she tries to rebuild her life and dreams after a freak accident leaves her financially and spiritually bankrupt and outcast".... .Ahhhh..... The chances of me seeing this movie are slim to none, unless of course Tyson does what he does best and that is stand around looking pretty. Isn't it great when the only thing you do well, is equal to that of a house plant?

Monday, February 27, 2006

Vin Diesel...

Guess he isn't as gay as I thought. . . Well that makes me day better.
We see you Vinnie!

Charlize Theron....

Um, WTF?
I'm so tired of couture being insane. What is the point of making something if your only goal is to make one of the most beautiful women look stupid and foolish?
(This is Charlize Theron in Amica)

Paris Hilton's, Bottoms Up!

Since when did they release porn in the movie theatres?
Ohhh you say THIS isn't a porno? Are you sure?! Hmmm..... Okay..?. It seems although the title of the movie would lead you to assume it's porn, it is indeed an Indie movie that is supposedly doing a Swinger like theme. Since we all know Paris can't act and trying to redo Swingers is the stupidest idea ever, it's safe to assume this film is going to suck. (Let me know if any of you decide to watch it... Maybe we can have you do a review and I'll post it. Thanks...)

David Beckham...

Just for the women out there! Oh and those fans of soccer...
His quote on his 6 year old sons homework: "Their homework is so hard these days," "It's totally done differently to what I was teached when I was at school, and you know I was like 'Oh my God, I can't do this'." As a mom to 3 young girls one of whom IS 6, I'd have to agree. Make all the fun you want but as you get older you sure to lose a lot of knowledge that once was so easy. Sure it could be all the coffee and alcohol that I consume, but I'm just gonna go with old age.

Jesse Metcalf At The Beach

I'm SO not into Jesse and from seeing this picture I don't think I ever will be. Now I know some of you women out there really dig this pretty bad boy so I went ahead and posted the pic. HOWEVER just to bring you girls over to the dark side, along side his pic is a pic of hottie Ryan Phillipe. If your going to run around half naked, Ryan's way is the ONLY way to do it. You decide. Who's hotter?
ryan-vs-jesse-2.26-ipod a
Thanks to PopSugar for the pic!

Matthew McConaughey Doesn't Like Sarah Jessica?

Yeah well who does? Matt was doing an interview for Failure to Launch his new movie starring himself and SJP (aka, horse face) and the rumor is going around that these two clashed. If you can't get along with Matt than ya need to go, K'?! Blurbs Love Matt! Matthew McConaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker were onscreen sweeties in “Failure To Launch,” but a source says the warm feelings didn’t extend offscreen. “Matthew gets along with pretty much everyone, but he basically couldn’t bear Sarah,” the insider claims. In fact, McConaughey was rather hard pressed when asked to comment publicly on Parker. When asked recently by Oprah Winfrey to sum up various co-stars, the best thing he came up with for Parker was “Great comedic timing.” He then added: “Very peculiar, too. Man, she’s a very interesting woman. Yeah.”
You know you want me Matt, just stop fighting it. This cat and mouse game is getting old!

And The Winner Is....

The jig is up Batman! You've found the fake and apparently y'all are too good for my sly machinations.
:0) Winners: 1. Kdubs 2. Stacy 3. Datbury 4. The Idle Receptionist 5. Blue Tige 6. Misha 7. Leilouta 8. Summer Honorable Mentions: 1. Marcia (1 is right) 2. Kimmy (so that is you, huh?)

George Michael Arrested!

George Michael was found sleeping in his car and arrested later on charges of having drugs and drug paraphernalia. Don't ya think this story would be a lot more interesting if he was found flashing men with a pink Burbery trenchcoat on? I mean drugs, well, that's pretty much a given. Although why he's sleeping in his car I have no idea. Blurbs Say NO! "We were called by a member of the public to a man seen slumped over the steering wheel of a car," said a statement from London police. "He was arrested on suspicion of possession of controlled substances." According to the statement, Class C drugs were found. These include cannabis, tranquilizers and some painkillers. Under British law, anyone convicted of having Class C drugs can be jailed for up to two years and face an unlimited fine, according to the Home Office Web site. Michael reportedly was bailed out and asked to return to a police station in late March, following a police investigation"

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Good Bye Don Knotts!

This makes me sad. I may start crying and my words may not make sense. It seems "our" dear friend Mr. Knotts passed away. I remember him most from The Incredible Mr. Limpet, The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, and The Reluctant Astronaut. ~sigh~ You all probably better remember him from The Andy Griffith Show or Three's Company. He died Friday from pulmonary and respiratory complications. I will update when I have any more information. If you all would like to check out his film credits try visiting IMDb

Paris Hilton, Spot The Fake Game!

As I'm sure you all know, there has been some "Paris" fakes out there. Girls that look like her and somehow make a career out of simply impersonating her. Whatevah! I don't even want to go into how stupid that is, and how these girls are an even bigger waste of space than Paris herself. ~sigh~ Anyways I'm posting a couple pics and you get to see if you can spot the fake. Ready. Set. Go!

Personality Test, Baby!!!

Thanks to Stacy, I did this cute and pretty accurate personality test. It's self-titled, The Quickest Personality Test. Hey, I'm all for quick and accurate y'all.
Your Personality Profile
You are dependable, popular, and observant. Deep and thoughtful, you are prone to moodiness. In fact, your emotions tend to influence everything you do. You are unique, creative, and expressive. You don't mind waving your freak flag every once and a while. And lucky for you, most people find your weird ways charming!
Um, yeah I am deep and thoughtful, I know y'all might not see that side of me that much, but it's true. I also tend to wave my freak flag often, lol!!!

Now A Word From MY Sponsor...

Okay since my husband reads my blog "religiously" he finally made a rebuttal to my Thursday Thirteen. He has some gripes about the fact that he doesn't like to be "publicly" made fun of and I agree, so this is an "I'm sorry honey!!!" post. After reading my TT (Thursday-Thirteen) he made a VERY lovely rebuttal to it. So I had to post it since ~um~, yeah it's FREAKIN' SUNDAY and no one is going to be reading my TT now. So here it goes y'all... Virenda Says: 1. He has NOW come up with idea of getting rid of our "home" phone to replace it with "cell" phones instead. Why you ask? Because it's the "WAVE OF THE FUTURE!!" apparently NO ONE is going to have "home" phones 10 years from now. ~sigh~ Whatevah 2. His "ALLERGY" to cleaning and/or doing anything that requires him to get off his computer/laptop/Xbox... I think he has quite literally done the dishes 5 times in the last Oh, say 4 years. Yep, my husband is LAZY. 3. His ability to tell the same story over and over and over again. (love you sweetie) 4. One of my favorites.... His need to tell me a "story" that should only take 5 minutes, but some how he can drag it out into 30. That my friend is TALENT! 5. My least favorite, the fact that he ALWAYS has to get the newest computer gadget or game console. ~sigh~ He makes sure I know it's not a WANT but a NEED. 6. Let's get a little intimate ya'll... My husband is um "HAPPY" a lot, which means laying down to read a book is usually followed by me slapping his hands away and eventually leading to me yelling at him to "LEAVE ME ALONE", which leads to pouting and then leads to me smiling and finishing my book. Good times, good times. 7. My husband has the need to make fun of any and all people that DARE to cry on t.v. He cares not that your father is in prison, nor that you are poor and this is your 1 shot. Nope, he wants you to "suck" it up and STOP the crying. All that emotion makes him queasy. 8. Shall I mention my husbands love of cheese? I thought so. Okay he HAS to be one of the ONLY people I know that eats so badly he deserves to be on a show. HE will scarf down 4 double doubles (double burgers) and wash it down with a coke. Ask me how much he weighs?? Go on ask!! (170, 5'10) ~sigh~ bastard... 9. My husband can learn something extremely quick but if you dare to rush him, he throws a fit that makes my 3 year old blush. 10. While my husband is admittedly brilliant, he can NOT do two things at once. He will honestly short circuit and you WILL see steam come from his ears and he will start to turn in circles. You would think that I'm lying but I'm not. I ask for two things and he will go around in a circle and I will eventually find him at his "home" (computer) with a rubber ducky and a lost look on his face. 11. My husband has to cuddle. I'm rarely a cuddler, I like my space. I like to stretch across the bed and use 3 pillows, I have no need for a hairy leg or someone that wants to "cuddle". 12. My husband is a paranoid man. He thinks the internet is going to kill me and hackers will hack into our "mainframe" and steal our identity and sell it on the internet. He is for sure this blog will eventually lead to my kidnapping and death. Needless to say he doesn't really like my blog, he views it as the enemy. An enemy to conquer at all times, which means we have more "security" measures than I have shoes. 13. My husband is a lovely man and well, I LOVE him, BUT he can be SO sensitive. I made a comment that Taylor from American Idol was amazing but that I wasn't attracted to him. Wow, you'd think I told my husband to eat dirt and die. He stared at me and said, "That was so tacky." and than went to his office. Apparently he thought I was comparing Taylor to the rest of the AI contestants and imagined me being attracted to the other ones. ~sigh~ He confuses me...

Virenda's Husband Says: 1. Waste of money... If I have a cell.. and She has a cell... and the home phone is just sitting there... why pay for it? If someone needs to get in touch with us... they just call us directly. It just means that there's no more "well... let me try her cell since shes not answering her home phone." Now it's just one number for each of us, and all she has to do is remember to charge the cell phone. :-) 2. Ok.. she's got me. :-( 3 and 4. This reminds me of another story... maybe you've heard it... 5. :-D 6. :-D Well at least I'm making efforts, eh? 7. It really depends on whats happening. If it's a sad news story, I can see getting choked up (depending). But c'mon... if someone is just talking about how all they want to do is to sing, and that if they don't make it on American idol, they just don't know what they will do... JEEEEZ!! Man up! No one cares! ~sigh~ Just get out there, give it yer best... and take no prisoners. Unless you suck. Then just go cry somewhere in private. 8. :-D A little food never hurt anybody. 9. ? 10. I have five words for you... A.D.D. 11. I have hairy legs? 12. Keeping hackers, script-kiddies, spyware, and automated bot-net worms out of our little home network is fairly easy. That's just a matter of configuring firewalls, maintaining flow control policies, and keeping a close watch on system security and authorization logs for abnormal activity. Identity theft is also a big problem on the Internet, but it can be combated by following best practices when shopping online, and using careful consideration of what information we include about ourselves in email, blogs, and other non-encrypted messaging mediums. However, the challenge I have as the protector of my family is making sure they remain safe from predators that can become easily fixated on individuals putting themselves on the Internet for display. Sure.. sure... it's all in good fun, and I encourage my wife's healthy and talented outlet of creativity. But I also don't need some creep taking a look at pictures of my children (or my wife's feet on SPT... haha) and decide they're suited for their next target. So I simply urge caution and forethought about what she posts and the manner in which she interacts with strangers on the Internet. This sound ridiculous to anyone, else? 13. I believe the comments on the male artists preceding Taylor was, "God, I love him!" (which I was completely cool with... because I was saying the same thing)... But the last comment for Taylor was "God, I love him. But not in a sexual way." Uhhhhh.... So my gripe was with her strange need to make some type of left-field distinction between Taylor and the other male contestants. I thought it was tacky. ~sigh~ But hey ... I'm sure I just have to deal with my little insecurities, because I really do just love my little “honey bunches of oats”. :-( BTW... I just LOVE Salma Hayek, Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, and Rosanne Bar. But I don't like Rosanne Bar in a sexual way.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Do You Have The Run's?!

Don't I have anything better to do at 11:30 p.m than to post old poetry? Nope. Apparently not. See here at The Green Straw I like to post superficial, unimportant, and sometimes funny things, but I occasionally have the desire to post poetry, or something about myself. So bare with me folks, I promise Paris Hilton nipple slips are coming... To start, this first poem is obviously about running. I admit, I'm a runner. I didn't start out that way, in fact I hated it with a passion that burned fiery hot, BUT I had to lose weight and this was the best way to do it (for free and when I had time). So now a year later (maybe a tad bit less) I can now say I enjoy it, sure it's painful but it's euphoric and releases a lot of stress. Running... The pound of my footsteps on the uneven pavement The warm breeze slapping my cheeks Sweat drips from my eyebrows into my eyes And I run faster Listening to my breath coming out in gasps The pain... The pleasure intermingling Joy and euphoria wash over me Like a bird set free Or like a starving man eating I grasp at the freedom Running for it Pounding footsteps becoming louder Heart beating erratically Trying to gasp for breath And feeling the sting of sweat in my eyes My joyful moment Racing for the prize... Capturing it like sand That slips through my fingers Yes, yes I know not everyone will like and/or "get" this poem, but it's not about pleasing everyone, it's about making myself happy damnit! ~grin~ Ahhh.... I have the power baby, ME!

Heidi Klum & Seal At The Laker Game...

The reason why I love Heidi Klum and Seal. Not only are they a lovely couple but they are always caught laughing and joking, that's so important in a marriage.
heidi seal lakers 2.25
Apparently the reason she is kissing the other woman is she decided to joke around when the "Kiss Me" cam zeroed in on her at the Lakers Game. So instead of kissing Seal she turned to the "unsuspecting" woman beside her and kissed her. I know if Heidi kissed me, I'd be much more into it. Hey might as well, when's the next time I'm going to have a super model kiss me, plus it's one step closer to Seal. ~sigh~

Another Reason Why...

Another reason why kids shouldn't play with Bratz. Ughhh!!! This is a picture of Amanda Lepore the scariest He/She around...

Lisa Marie Presley's Wedding Photos...

Well we all know that Lisa was married recently in what she called a "traditional Japanese" wedding ceremony. Why Japanese? Hmmm..... 'Cause she's a crazy, crazy woman. Some celebrities feel the need to be as weird and eccentric as possible and people put up with it. No one ever tells this girl that she is bat shit crazy, or that normal people don't smear dirt poop on themselves or tie red string on their wrist to ward of evil spirits. Enjoy the wedding photos...
Hmmm... All I can say is Priscilla is starting to look like Joan Rivers. (Left to right, Priscilla, Lisa Marie, and new hubby Michael Lockwood)

Friday, February 24, 2006

David Duchovny...

WTF?! My husband is quite upset that David is showing off his "pokey" penis and wonders why he had such a need to wear speedos in public. David is no longer allowed in the "mans" club, my husband revoked his membership. Apparently if you cry on T.V. or wear speedos in public, your membership card is cut and thrown away. REVOKED!
Just wanted to send a quick thanks to Faded Youth for this lovely photo that made me smile.

Sheryl Crow Has Surgery For Breast Cancer

It has come to my attention that Sheryl was diagnosed with breast cancer and has recently had surgery, minor surgery, but surgery none the less. I am so sad that this has happened to her, not because she is famous but because her self titled CD has touched me and has been with me for years. I have so many memories intertwined with her songs, that I admittedly do feel like I "know" her. I truly hope everything ends up well and she will be fine. ~sigh~ I can't imagine how scary it was to go through this... Official Blurb to follow:

In a statement posted on her website, Crow said she would have to postpone a North American concert tour due to begin in March.

"Approximately one in seven American women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime and more than two million Americans are living with breast cancer today," Crow said. "I am joining the more than 200,000 women who will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year."

Crow called the surgery "minimally invasive" and said she would be undergoing radiation treatment as a precaution. She said she benefited from early detection, and urged other women to have themselves checked.

Julia Roberts In New York City

What happened to this girl? Did her vein finally consume her face and now that's as much of a smile as she can give?! Apparently "Mona Lisa" doesn't really like to smile.
(Honestly when is the last time you saw JR smile, when she wasn't in a movie?)

Sugar Bush Squirrel!!!

So I went around trying to dig up some fun and interesting stuff and I found a squirrel. :0) This site is funny as hell, if you think dressing up a squirrel and taking pictures is funny, but doesn't everyone???
"May the force be with you, my squirrel friends..."
Sugar Bush Squirrel!!!

Jeff Polage Makes Me Laugh!

When the gossip gets boring the boring goes to Jeff Polage, un-employed actor extraordinaire.
Hope you get a good laugh...

Carmen Electra At the Vienna Opera...

Carmen Electra at the 50th Vienna Opera Ball in Austria with her host Austrian millionaire Richard Lugner and his wife Christina. Yeah well I'm thinking our Richard (let's just call him, Dick) is not so concerned with his wife, more like Dave Navarro's wife. Carmen watch out now, hands will be creeping up on you and soon. (oh and could she wear any more make-up?!)
Caught You Staring, Dick! (Stop drooling over the boobs...)

Britney Spears In Hawaii...

"Priceless"..... Righttt....
"Ohhhh... Is that how ya do it?"

Fabrizio Moretti Honest & Horny

Fabrizio Moretti cut short his appearance at the NME Awards in London and of course there is ALWAYS going to be speculation as to why. Yeah, well him being so honest (i.e. admitting sex in the bathroom of the opera) he was nice enough to tell us why... He said: "I'm rushing back to Drew 'cos I haven't had sex in a month." Well at least he's being faithful, of course I'm assuming.