Saturday, April 29, 2006

Photos and More Photos...

If you guys haven't caught on yet, Saturdays I like to be lazy and just post one huge post with a bunch of random photos that I've collected over the last week. Hope everything is going well with y'all and see you bright and early Monday... This is one crazy old woman... Oh get over yourself! Everyone's getting in on the Brangelina baby... Is she about to smack her own flatt ass? Really? That's one classy broad Mischa Barton shows us her dirty underwear and fugly shoes. I'm not sure which is worse.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Britney IS Indeed Pregnant. Again...

Now everyone GASP! ' Cause we didn't see that one coming.
Access Hollywood is confirming US Weekly's confirmation of the pregnancy of Britney Spears. Brit-Brit is apparently 5-months pregnant and this comes only 7-months after the birth of her son, Sean Preston. Let's hope she manages to get it together and NOT drop this one on its head. Oh, or drive while holding the baby on the freeway. Um, or smoking in front of the baby, or letting her ass of a husband near her children.
Can someone call CPS now?

If You Need Another Reason To Hate Paris Hilton

I can not believe how much I love her new place. I mean it really is beautiful and exactly what I'm into. Which I hate, cause Paris has one of my many dream homes. BITCH. I think I'm a little nauseous knowing her dogs live better than I do... Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting I LOVE this closet more than Mariah Carey's. I mean I just love the feel... Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting This is where her little doggies live and the gates are far too cute. I think I'm going to go hang myself now.

Charlie Sheen Debuts New Kids Clothing Line

Well whether he's guilty or not I can't see this clothing line doing well. I mean once spoken the damage is done and come on what's the first thing you think of when someone mentions the name Charlie Sheen? Most of us think hookers, NOT kids clothing. I feel kind of bad for him and I find I have to remind myself that those allegations could be true and Denise could just be a slutty moron which you know, is rather likely.
Those are some cute kids people. C.U.T.E.

Sharon Stone May Be Senile

Because that is the only excuse for wearing this ugly outfit. I mean NONE of it is flattering. It just goes to show that black isn't always slimming folks. 74661_Sharon_Stone_at_Koi_Restaurant_in_Beverly_Hills_04 74639_Sharon_Stone_at_Koi_Restaurant_in_Beverly_Hills_03

Elizabeth Hurley & Son...

These are just two photos of Liz and her son, who looks like he should be in Harry Potter.Who knows, maybe the next film he'll have his shot. 93542_liz_hurley4 93462_liz_hurley1 He's a cute kid.

Pete Doherty Injects Himself & An Unconscious Female Fan

This is by far the most disgusting, horrific thing EVER. I have always known that Pete is nothing more then a 5 dollar crack head but this is above and beyond even what I expected. These photos published by The Sun, show Pete injecting some unconscious girl with heroine as she lay on his kitchen floor and the other photo shows him shooting heroine. The blonde is obviously Kate Moss and that's an older photo of her high and disheveled.
These photos WERE taken within the last 5 weeks and Scotland Yard are looking into the case as we speak (type). These photos were taken by a "friend" of Pete's which is why no one stopped Pete as he gave that girl heroine. I can not for the life of me understand why Kate Moss is still secretly dating this disgusting waste of life.

Rosie O'Donnell To Join The View...

Apparently Rosie is set to replace Meredith on the View. All I know is Star and that other skinny blonde chick better watch out. Rosie's going to go crazy on them all. Can't wait to see how her and Joy get along...

Thursday, April 27, 2006


I was over at Barbie Martini when I saw this recent photo of David Bowie and I had to cry a little. Time has not been kind to our friend. So I took it upon myself to find some older photos and post them along side. I don't know, what do you guys think.
Does He STill GOT IT or NOT?
caratulas_DAVID_BOWIE-SPACE_ODDITY-FRONTAL20051220-david bowie

Tom Cruise Changes Katie's Name...

"Katie is a young girl's name. Her name is Kate now; she's a child-bearing woman."
Uhh, does this quote from Tom Cruise scare you as much as it does me? A bit controlling, much?

Um, Say That Again. I Can't Hear You...

Is Avril Lavigne trying to show me her big freaking rock or just the ugly nail polish? Oh wait. You say she's trying to be punk? I don't know about that... I'm pretttty sure she's just saying "Hi". avril1.0 And a good day to you too!

Melissa Joan Hart

Wow... Time has not been kind to Melissa Joan Hart, former teenage witch. She was never what I'd call hot stuff and she always had that "soft" fleshy look but well she's only just 30. me

Josh Holloway In "Men's Health Magazine".

I'm no doctor or medical professional but I'd say in my own opinion, Josh Holloway is VERY healthy.
men1 Thanks to FadedYouth for the Josh Holloway moment...

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban To Marry...

Just a quickie folks.
According to Page Six, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban will tie the knot June 25th in Sydney.

Jessica Alba Almost Made Every Man's Dream Come True...

Sorry guys, it was so close and yet so far away. The almost nip slip doesn't look like Jessica and I'm only assuming it's because of that terrible lipstick. Whatever. That girl is so freaking hot it doesn't matter. She could wear bubble gum pink lipstick and still bring all the boys to her yard.
I almost have a case of girl love but the fact that she has no talent keeps it from blossoming.

Kirsten Dunst Is Down & Ugly!

Oh my god! Further proof that this girl couldn't dress to save her life. When you have millions go buy some damn jeans that fit and take A DAMN SHOWER! She looks like she smells. k-dunst-4.25 I don't know folks I think those boots are kicking... Ahhh I crack myself up. CRACK. MYSELF. UP.

Jennifer Love Fugly

Oh no! Some people need to just understand that blonde doesn't look good on everyone. Nor does that fugly haricut... j-love-hew-4.26

Mandy Moore, "Orgasms Unlimited".

Mandy Moore appeared on the Conan O'Brien Show and they both discussed the fact that her most recent cover on Cosmo, has her picture and the headline, "Orgasms Unlimited" and while I'm sure Zach Braff is proud of the cover. Mandy explains that it's just an ARTICLE. This is where you guys laugh uproariously over that little number. Oooh the embarrassment.
Cosmo has articles about orgasms? Since when?
mandy-moore-conan-4.25 She sure does look purty though... Here's her story and she's sticking to it:
She explains, “I’m very flattered to be on a magazine cover, but the horrifying part is my parent’s have framed every magazine that I’ve ever been on from the beginning. “So there’s a whole wall dedicated to that and it starts off with me at 14 and ‘Mandy’s favourite colour is pink!’ and now Cosmo and my face and ‘orgasms unlimited.’ “And my dad has to take it to the framer’s to get it framed. It has nothing to do with me - it’s just an article (that appears in the magazine)!”

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Oh This Is Some Scary Shizit!

I would warn you to look away but the desire to stare at the fugly is to great. Here's Vivica Fox and Tisha Campbell. Tisha gives new meaning to the term "ass lips". tisha4 I'm scared how bout y'all? tisha2 Oh GOD, it just doesn't get any better...

Legally Blonde Goes Broadway...

Yeppers. Now all those that were just DYING to watch a Broadway version of Legally Blonde can. Release date set to be announced later today. Reese out and about in Brentwood, Ca. She apparently got some iced tea, which is fine. Whatever. It's no iced venti coffee but it'll do...


Oh Puhleaze! These two are sooo not gantsa. Can they just stop?! It's embarrassing.

Who Thinks Pink Is Getting HIGH?

So I saw these photos yesterday but I couldn't be for sure of what was going on. So I pose you this question. Do you think in the first photo that is Pink doing what's called a "bump" which is a thin line of coke? Or is she merely praying for more booze at "The Dragon Fly" club? pink_dragonfly3 pink_dragonfly6 pink_dragon_fly1 I think we ALL KNOW Pink likes to get high, but I'm not sure if that IS what she's doing here. However I'm going to go ahead and vote YES.

Kirsten Dunst Loves Her Doggie...

Here's Kiki or Kirsten walking her dog, no the one withOUT the weird purse. At first I thought dead zebra but upon close inspection I'm leaning towards beach hut. Anyway, I love the doggie and Kiki doesn't bother me like she does some people. My only wish is she would shower. Well shower and learn to dress herself.
kiki3.9 I wish my legs were long and skinny enough to wear stretch pants. I mean, the point is even if they were, I wouldn't, but at least I would know I could.