Friday, March 31, 2006

Angelina Jolie And Maddox...

Um, so..... not much going on with these two but I know how some people out there are obsessed, so here ya go. Oh and question. Is Angelina color blind? MUST she ALWAYS wear black? She scares me and I like it. What can I say, I have a thing for monkeys... NON EXCLUSIVE - UK RIGHTS NON EXCLUSIVE - UK RIGHTS
I actually really like this dress and the sandals are perfect. It reminds me of something you could buy at the Gap.

Mariah Carey's Sexy Photo Shoot.

Ahhh... Even though I know these photo's have been photo shopped to DEATH, she still is starting to look HOT. She's getting back into shape and I'm very close to having to HATE her again. ~sigh~ I'm not sure which I prefer, fat strange Mariah, or skinny annoying Mariah... mariahpmag1 34004_mariah3 33999_mariah2 Yeah this above photo makes me wanna hate her. I'm going to go vomit up my breakfast now, see ya guys later... *UPDATE: I've been informed that these are NOT infact new photos... So that makes me happy and irritated but I'll leave em up and you guys can enjoy "vintage" Mariah photos.

Britney Spears Still Fugly

I just can't believe that this girl used to top the sexiest female celebrities, that men LOVED her. She's so fugly now, I forget how pretty she looked photo shopped. Yeah I know I said I wouldn't post about her tell she was dead, but I saw this picture and WOW, this girl has NO talent, she's DUMB as a box of rocks, and she's UGLY. Why is she famous again?

It's Kelly Osbourne...

It was indeed Kelly Osbourne that had the angel wing tattoo and thanks to Heather we now know what it says. I tried to find it, but came up short. So thanks a lot Heather. You rock!
The tattoo reads: "Je Vous Aime la Maman" According to Heather who founds this great tidbit on KellyOsbourne.Org, it's written in French and translates (roughly) too I love you mummy.

Give It To Me Baby...

Okay so Dita Von Teese is everywhere now, doing her book promoting. I saw a couple of new pics and decided to post just one and ask you guys what you think.
HOT or NOT? 57195317SG003_Dita_Von_Tees

Carmen Electra Acts Like A Whore On Jay Leno

Okay folks no surprise there right? Carmen Electra was on Jay Leno and talked about getting a an aerial circus hoop for the bedroom, because you can do all kinds of "cool" sexy "naked" "x-rated" tricks. So what does any sane normal woman do on National TV? She proceeds to show Jay and poor Rob the tricks she is learning. Yeah, you just can't make that stuff up. She said: "You can pull yourself up on it and it spins. "You can do all these sexy moves. I take a class. It's a circus school. I'm getting one for the house." Well I know you just made a lot of peoples nights there Carmen, especially Rob Schneider's.
Everything is going well, normal talk show chit-chat...
Now she's bringing out the moves people...
Rob doesn't seem to mind.
At this point Jay is wondering what the hell is going on and why he couldn't get the other view.
So Rob brought out the pillow for what I can assume is 2 reasons. 1, so she wouldn't accidently kick him in his "stuff" and 2, well 2 is so the rest of the audience and home viewers couldn't see that Carmen makes him "happy"...

Russell Simmons & Kimora Lee Simmons SPLIT!

For anyone who cares Russell and Kimora have officially announced their plans to divorce.

Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons, 48, and his wife of seven years, Kimora Lee Simmons, 30, have been separated for nine months, Hot Stuff has learned. The couple–who have children Ming, 6, and Aoki, 3–still share two homes but will announce their separation formally before March 31, a source tells Us.

“First on their minds are their children, but they need to be happy, too,” says the source. Hot stuff first reported signs of trouble in the March 27 issue, but Russell denied problems.

Now the multimillionaire is rumored to be dating model Denise Vasi, 23. “She’s a spiritual person,” says the source. “They are doing yoga together.” (Russell’s rep had no comment.)

All I know is if that girl Denise thinks that Kimora isn't going to mind, she best think again. 'Cause there is about to be a smack down, Kimora will get ghetto all over that girl.

Karl Lagerfeld hosts the launch of Dom P

Naomi Campbell Makes Me Happy...

I'm going to try and pretend that Naomi isn't a real "person" so that I can revel in my joy. It's not every day you get this crazy woman making great gossip. So the details have been released and of course the story sounds JUST like Naomi. Apparently she was shooting a spot for The Oprah Winfrey Show early in the morning at her house (Oh and only Oprah's film crew were there not Oprah herself). So what happens is Naomi is looking for a pair of 200 dollar jeans and she can't find them so she ask her housekeeper Ana where they are. Now here's the thing, Naomi employs a housekeeper for each floor of her house so Ana had no idea where the jeans were. So what does Naomi do? She pitches a fit and throws her crystal encrusted Blackberry at Ana, hitting her in the forehead and leaving a 3 inch gash that needed stitches. What a complete B. I. T. C. H! Honestly I don't even know how she can hire employees, you figure by now people would be to scared to work for her. So that's the story of the crazy lady and her arrest yesterday.

It's All The Rage Baby!!!

So thanks to Jessica who brought this to my attention, I have the latest fashion rage from Japan. These pictures below are NOT actually the ladies underwear, no, no they are just skirts that look like they are see thru. Apparently this is a HUGE thing in Japan and if that's true, then wait for it to come to the US. So what do you think, too fashion forward? image003image001 image002 image005 image004 You know IF they are going to make these skirts, couldn't they at least make the a$$es LOOK better? I mean if I'm going to wear the damn thing, it better have a picture of a supermodel's a$$ on it.


Thursday, March 30, 2006

Naomi Campbell Arrested!!!

*UPDATE: Official photo of her being escorted by the police. Someone needs to let Naomi know that ponchos are so last year... Oh and so is beating down innocent strangers.
TMZ announced the arrest of Naomi Campbell. Apparently the "incident" happened this morning at 8am in New York City . Naomi threw an object at a 41 yr. woman, causing an injury. The woman is at Lennox Hill getting stitches.
I am SO NOT surprised! This girl needs to be kept in a Zoo so that she can no longer harm the innocent.

Guess The Celebrity Tattoo!

Okay so here we go again with the games! This is a "tattoo" edition. Guess The Celebrity Tattoo... 25433_Kelly_Osbourne_10153PM_442adf53bd949 Okay so this one may be tough. Here's the clues... 1. She's no angel, that's for sure. AND 2. Her reality is different from ours.

Because It's My Job To Make You Smile

News is slow and since I have a few new sites that are freaking great and FUNNY, I can post some funny stuff to stifle the yawns. Sure, sure it's only a cat gif doing hip-hop but people, that's worth a smile. Come on now, you know you like it. hip_hop_cat Thanks too TooCurious.Com

Mastercard Video- Priceless!

LOVE this video. Too funny. If you haven't seen it, than you have to now...

For American Idol Fans.... Taylor Hicks At Prom!

Fine, fine by now you guys should all know I LOVE me some American Idol and I only have a small amount of shame because of it. This is a picture of Taylor Hicks at his High School prom and can I just say, "WOW!" who the hell knew he was such a cutie with dark hair??! I love Taylor and hope to listen to him make a blues CD with lots of (his) harmonica playing... taylor_hicks_in_high_school1 taylor_hicks_in_high_school2 This is Taylor in high school and the girl is Brooke, I don't know the rest of her name. Thanks to Hollywood Rag.

Oh Poor, Poor Bjork...

WOW, they grow em crazy in Iceland... somethingnice.0 somethingnice2 This my friends is being filed under W-T-H.

Pete Doherty Has A Hobby

Are you sure his dumb a$$ is sober?
Pete Doherty has a hobby folks. No, no NOT drugs or smacking around super models, he buys old Jaguars and parks them around town and waits for them to be towed. Yeah. Um, okay..?...
He's buying old Jaguars, parking them illegally and once they get towed away, he buys another one. Pete has had 8 towed away so far. A source said that after his last Jaguar was towed, he went straight to the Jaguar dealer and plopped down $2k on a used, grey model and drove away.
And they say all celebrities are eccentric, drugged out, morons. Obviously Pete is NOT one of those...

Holy Beans Batman Is Julia Roberts Smiling?

Yes indeed my friends, that is Julia smiling. Why? Because her new Broadway show debuted and the word on the "street" is that she's fantastic. Well, all I asked for from her was a smile and I go it, so I'm going to ignore the wardrobe. julia-3,28

Tori Spelling Whoring Her Assets...

tori-spelling-3.29-3 tori-spelling-3.29-2
Ahhhhhh.... It does indeed seem as if Tori is STILL out promoting her new show "noTORIous" which airs on VH1 tonight. Is it sick and twisted that I'm kinda looking forward to seeing what it's all about?

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Disney Makes Video About Menstruation

Okay so I was over at Vera's site, I'm NOT Obsessed and saw this link to a video. Did you guys know that Walt Disney did a video about menstruation? Yeah, he did and it's rather boring. I was hoping for something dirty and funny and lame. ~sigh~ It's well informed though... I think next time we should have Mickey and Minnie talking about condoms, birth control, and safe sex. Having Mickey talk about how the "pull out" method is NOT fool proof, would make me laugh or you know throw up a little.

The Perfect Guy...


Paris Hilton Makes A Girls Wish Come True...

I never thought I would ever type those words. I'm sure you have all heard of the Make A Wish Foundation, well Paris helped a 16 yr old girls wish come true. The difficult thing with bashing a celebrity right after they have done something nice is you have to walk a fine line folks, but don't worry I like it that way. Amber had a "wish" to meet Paris Hilton and look at Paris's closet. That sentence should upset and sicken you as much as it does me. I love that Paris helped a young girl feel better, but when the hell did we get to this?! When did it come to, young girls dreams, being about rich spoiled drug taking whores?! Why is it that when a 14 yr old girl is diagnosed with cancer, in remission for 2 years and her wish becomes that of meeting Paris? I'm sorry folks, but I think that is the true travesty. This is what are kids will grow up with, this is what we embrace as a society and this is why in the end, our society will fail. How much longer can "we" as people encourage this, embrace it, fondle it, and NOT be consumed by it? What will "our" young children be like in their 30's, what kind of values, morals, or principals will they have? Now I'm sure by now you guys are muttering about MY hypocrisy, but guess what folks? I don't take this shit seriously, I do it for fun. Anyone who reads this generally knows that I don't worship celebrities (besides Christian Bale), I just do it to "make" fun of the superficial, of the people that take themselves WAY to serious. After all what's funn-er in life than taking someone down a notch? ~wink~ For those of you that take offense to an unintended insult, I apologize now. I think it's great to help a child in ANY way to feel better about herself and to have a "brighter" outlook, I just think it's a shame that it has to be done with Paris Hilton and her materlisitc life. If you would like to read the full article you can find it HERE.

Ryan Seacrest Kissing Teri Hatcher!

Oh for the love of all that is good and holy in this world. W-T-F! I mean really, W-T-H is going on?! I'm feeling a little nauseous just seeing that awkward kiss.
Make it go away mommy. Make those bad people stop kissing! EXCLUSIVE: Teri Hatcher and Ryan Seacrest Hot Romance EXCLUSIVE: Teri Hatcher and Ryan Seacrest Hot Romance EXCLUSIVE: Teri Hatcher and Ryan Seacrest Hot Romance EXCLUSIVE: Teri Hatcher and Ryan Seacrest Hot Romance I think I just threw up a little...

Angelina Jolie Nearing Due Date

Angelina is very close to her mother and she so wanted her to be there for the birth. Angelina has been having regular check-ups at a hospital in Paris and it is expected that she will give birth within the next few weeks.” I just read this on one of my favorite sites and I'm surprised and confused. Are you telling me Angie may have her baby before Katie? Poor , poor pregnant Katie. How much longer must she suffer?
I will keep you updated on all our favorite pregnant ladies...

Kate Moss Puts The Smack Down

ROFL, too funny. I mean if we all had people following us around, day and night you know we'd snap and smack them around with our purse's. kate-moss-paparazzi-fight

Brooke Hogan Finds Jessica Simpson "Pompous"...

I'd first like to say that Brooke choose the perfect word, I mean Jessica won't know what the hell she said until someone tells her and what's the chance of that? We've seen the nasty lips... So here's the quote, enjoy... A lot of people think that celebrities are fake and a couple of them are," says daughter Brooke Hogan, a star of MTV's reality show "Hogan Knows Best." "Like that one who just went though a major breakup." You mean Jessica Simpson? "I didn't hit it off with her. … And then there's her sister [Ashlee Simpson]. Ugh. They're both fake." Really, why? "There's a whole list," she tells Chaunce Hayden in Steppin' Out magazine. "Somebody is fake when they act nice to your face, but then talk behind your back. I'm not saying Jessica did that to me, but there's just a pompous way about her. "I hate it when people make things all about them. When people are insecure, they need that." Of course, the Brookester might have an ulterior motive. Asked who the hottest guy in Hollywood is, she replied, "I would have to say [Jessica's ex] Nick Lachey. Not just because of his looks. … He's got a beautiful heart, and he's so genuine."

Jake Gyllenhaal Working Up A Sweat

Here's a few recent photos of Jake working out with a friend and trying to stay healthy. Looked like a beautiful day...

Sandra Bernhard

Oh W-T-H... Is she trying to scare me? Actually she looks a little afraid herself. It's okay to smile sugar, it wont kill you. I promise. saysomethingnice.2

Whitney Houston's Drug Pictures...

WOW, I think this is pretty big news but I'm sure many aren't surprised or interested. For some reason I am still hung up on how such a talented, beautiful, lovely person can just throw their life away like she has done. These are two recent photos that Whitney's sister-in-law took of Whitney's bathroom. Looks like a crack head bathroom to me, besides the whole multi-million dollar home thing.

Apple Martin Out & About...

So cute I could chew on her...


If you haven't seen this already then it is NECESSARY that you watch and enjoy this video.
THIS IS FUNNY! Are you down with the West Side????!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Mark Walhberg Is A Daddy...

No he's not MY daddy.

ET has confirmed that ‘Four Brothers’ actor MARK WAHLBERG and his girlfriend, RHEA DURHAM, are the proud parents of a baby boy.

No other details have yet been given. The new bundle of joy joins the couple’s 2-year-old daughter, ELLA RAE.

(Yikes, he's looking awful in this pic. Does his hair remind you of a bad comb over?)

Answer To The Fergie Game...

Okay so just to let you guys know, Fergie celebrated her 31st birthday.

Some Crazy Stuff Going On In The Cruise House

Here's a recent photo that's circulating, of a bunch of HUGE signs being placed around the mansion. These signs are supposed to "help" Katie remember that as she gets near the time of birth she must remain calm and SILENT. A SILENT F'ing BIRTH?! That alone lets me know that Scientologists are crazy. Unless they are some heavy drugs involved (which there isn't) than no way in hell, could I have had a silent birth. I'm having a child, I should be allowed some grunting and cursing...
“Be silent and make all physical movements slow and understandable.”
Um, is she having a baby or visiting the damn zoo?

Some American Idol Controversy

Okay I'm a fan of American Idol and a fan of Chris Daughtry whom the controversy is about. As any watcher of AI knows, Chris did a "different" rendition of "I walk the Line" which was song originally by Johnny Cash (LOVE HIM) and Chris said he wanted to change the song up a bit. Well it worked for most people, including the judges. So what's the controversy you ask? Apparently the "original" take and flavor he added, was in fact just a copy of the LIVE version of "I walk the Line". Live re-did that song in 2001 and later put out a second CD in 2004. Here's a quote from the message board, "Live singer Ed Kowalczyk called and said that he would like his vocal style back." I'm actually kind of shocked and disappointed and can hope that he didn't claim credit on purpose and maybe just forgot to let everyone know that it is in fact the LIVE version he sang.
So what's your guys take on it?