Tuesday, January 31, 2006

SPT- The World Goes On

So I was racking my brain today, to come up with an SPT that would be both creative-ish and still tell a story, of course no one would understand my picture if they didn't have my narrative. I decided to post a few photos, a couple of myself wearing my grandfather's hat and one of a photo of my nonnie (g-g-ma), my g-ma, and my mother with the hat resting atop. My step-grandfather, the only grandfather I have ever really known, died January 2, 2003, I remember the exact date not only because I loved him but because my daughter was born 4 days later. I remember when my poppa (g-g-pa) died; I was eleven. My greatest sorrow than was that my children would never know such a great man. I am just happy that my children at least had a few years with my grandfather, their poppa. My grandfather owned a chicken & egg company, which of course means my grandma can make chicken till the end of the world and still not have copied the same dish, well besides the chicken part that is. I just wanted to post something about what a great man he was. No matter how old I was he always sat down and talked to me, about life, going to college, and staying strong no matter the circumstances. I never fully appreciated him, until the last 2 years before he died. I would like to mention that he died of lung cancer after living 5 years past his "due" date, only later dying of complications from the chemotherapy. I loved him, and think about him to this very minute, every time I see chicken, or think of college, or talk to my youngest daughter. I can't help but thank him for helping to keep alive a little piece of me, through all the rough times. I love you grandpa, and I'll see you soon. P.s. I know I look a mess, but it's 11 p.m., I had gone to the gym earlier, and I'm tired ya'll.


It's been awhile since I even cared what a song has said, it's been awhile since I could relate. I just wanted to post these two songs, that at the time I loved (still do). Mariah Carey - Outside Lyrics It's hard to explain Inherently it's just always been strange Neither here nor there -- always somewhat out of place everywhere Ambiguous -- without a sense of belonging to touch Somewhere halfway -- feeling there's no one completely the same Chorus: Standing alone -- eager to just believe it's good enough to be what you really are But in your heart uncertainty forever lies and you'll always be somewhere on the outside Early on, you face the realization you don't have a space where you fit in And recognize you were born to exist Chorus (1x) And it's hard And it's hard And it's hard Irreversibility Falling in between And it's hard And it's hard to be understood as you are As you are Oh, and God knows that you're standing on your own -- blind and unguided Into a world divided you're thrown Where you're never quite the same although you try -- try and try to tell yourself you really are But in your heart -- uncertainty forever lies and you'll always be somewhere on the outside You'll always be somewhere on the outside Another song by Mariah, it was the same CD, that came out when I could relate... Close My Eyes... I was wayward child With the weight of the world That I held deep inside Life was a winding road And I learned many things Little ones shouldn't know But I closed my eyes Steadied my feet on the ground Raised my head to the sky And though time's rolled by Still feel like that child As I look at the moon Maybe I grew up A little too soon Funny how one can learn To grow numb to the madness And block it away I left the worst unsaid Let it all dissipate And I try to forget But I closed my eyes Steadied my feet on the ground Raised my head to the sky And though time's rolled by Still feel like that child As I look at the moon Maybe I grew up A little too soon Nearing the edge Obvious I almost Fell right over A part of me Will never be quite able To feel stable That woman-child falling inside Was on the verge of fading Thankfully I Woke up in time Guardian angel I Sail away on an ocean With you by my side Orange clouds roll by They burn into your image And you're still alive (You're always alive) But I closed my eyes Steadied my feet on the ground Raise my head to the sky And though time's rolls by Still feel like that child As I look at the moon Maybe I grew up A little too soon

Do You Care, No Really?!

I have a hard time posting about myself and I usually let the poetry do the talking since otherwise I can't seem to find the words, and honestly trying to be funny is hard. I'm to tired for laughter, I wanted instead to bring you yawns, yep my job in life is to make people realize how tired they in fact are. Is it working? Cause I could try harder... Ahh, lame jokes, they always get me. So today has been a decent day and I feel like a decent parent because I took them to the park and then tried to ignore them for the next 2 hours, lots of fun and hey anything that involves coffee and Lena, makes me happy. Noting that however, I feel funk-ish, shopping would make me happy only I'm broke for the next week, plus taking my kids shopping is enough to bring anyone to their knees. I wonder some times if I have some kind of mood disorder, if in fact I am crazy and the voices really aren't supposed to be there. I have a phobia about being crazy, about losing my mind. I'm always waiting for the last pin to drop and my mind will suddenly break. Is that normal? I find it hard to believe if that is normal, since most things about me are ab-normal and no that is not just my low self-esteem talking ya'll. I feel like the outside, you know what everyone else views, is just a shell and that no one truly sees the ab-normal-ness of me, the inner bitch. I'm sure all women from time to time feel that, but I don't know I feel like an imposter; a phony. Does my outside have to match my inside? And if it did what would I look like? Ever see Leaving Las Vegas with Nicolas Cage and Elizabeth Shue? You know how dark that movie is? I feel like I have that darkness, that sickness that lives inside of me, but I feel like a suburban mom as well, I feel the light and the dark. I feel like I don't belong, like I'm not supposed to be here, that everyone can spot me from a mile away. Can crazy reside with sanity? Am I normal and If I am do I want to be? Is my unique-ness tied up with my ying and yang? I'm not sure if any of this is making sense, if in fact you have already left my site because I do not have any nude photos of Jessica Alba. The point of this post was to release some of my angst and trust me I took it easy on ya'll, after all it's Tuesday and no one likes crazy people on Tuesday.

Winona Ryder, Oh Not Again!

She is high, that is truly the only explanation for the look on her face. Oh and can someone photo shop the vein out next time, I almost threw up. ~Sigh~ I hope this isn't a sign that Winona is coming back, unless it's for a remake of Heathers or something, otherwise I want her to go away! Go NOW!

Jessica Alba Hottest Woman of 2006

Yep just as I expected, men think Jessica is Hot. "Whether you agree or disagree, Jessica Alba was voted most ‘Desirable Woman of 2006′ according to 2.5 million AskMen.com readers." I can see that; she has a perfect bottom. Did you all see her bikini pictures? Yeah it's enough to make all the women in the world want to hunt her down and kill her, but since I am so secure (lol) I just shrug it off. For reasons un known to me I don't really dislike Ms. Alba, normally I can haterate just like any other woman, and considering Jessica can't act well that gives me plenty of ammunition. However I just can't get the steam up to hate on her. So if there is any women who'd like to give it a try, feel free to post. ;0) Maybe it'll lend me some inspiration.

Shit Happens...

Okay lame post title I know but it does fit the post, so deal with it. I promised my friend Lena that I would NOT post about our night last night. Pretty much just so I would save her from embarrasment, but seeing as how she posted about it, I though it only fair to direct you to her site. I suggest you all should give it a shot and read a truly funny post, just imagine it was you. ;0) Check Lena Out!

Gallery Of The Absurd Presents Britney Spears and Cheetos

"Our investigative team has just uncovered Frito-Lay's plans to expand their product line by offering Cheetos Britney, an even cheesier, greasier and more unnatural shade of orange crunchy snack. We were able to obtain a prototype image of the bag (see above) and also got our hands on the teaser ad (see below) scheduled to appear in upcoming magazines right before the product becomes available."-GotA, quote OMG! Too funny and a little gross (note pimples). I should save this for tomorrow, which is sure to be a slow news day but I have to share it with you all. LOL, mostly cause I'm bored, yo. :0)

Tyra, What Happened?

Tyra Banks used to be HOT, yes I can admit it HOT! Now she is just tired and nasty looking. Is she drunk, like drunk off her rocker throwing up in her hair drunk? 'Cuse that is the only excuse for looking like she does. On a side and more important note (lol) if you click on the link to enlarge you can view one of the worlds weirdest wonders, Tyra's hairy arm pit. It's not just any pit, it's a weird scrunchie elephant, penis pit. Take a look see...

Pink On TRL

Nothing big going on here, but since I have swore a sister oath to post about Pink, I give you Pink on TRL. One of the pictures is a promo pic for her new album, and she looks super cute in it. Enjoy everyone and have an awesome Tuesday, lol like that is possible. Is Tuesday ever a good day?

George Clooney and Teri Snatcher At The SAG's

Opps, did I spell her last name wrong?! My bad... ~giggle~ Okay here we have some leaning in on George's part and some obvious hard up drooling by Teri's part, and really who can blame her? I say go for it while he is interested Teri, this is your last chance sweetie. Teri is trying so hard to NOT appear eager that it is making me laugh a little, and feel a tad bit sad for the poor woman. From what I hear this girl really needs some love, if you know what I'm saying *wink* and I think ya do.

Oh Heidi, Shame On You!

Well it appears Heidi Klum is being blasted for announcing on the television show, Germany's Next Super Model, that an 8 stone girl is to fat to be a model. I have no idea what 8 stones are, and yes I am that ignorant. I would try and google it but I'm tired and honestly I don't care; If Heidi wants to call her fat, than she probably is. Come on people, if you want to be a model you can't get offended when people say things like that to you, Um Hi! Ya hello?! It's modeling, completely superficial and if your not up to it, go get an education and do something else. Anyways I wanted to post these cute pictures of Heidi and her family. P.s. Don't get me wrong, I don't think 8 stones is fat (?) but if you want to be a model and you put yourself out there, you have to expect to be slapped down a time or two. "That's life, that's what all the people sayyyyyyy...." UPDATE: So my friend who isn't as lazy as me, googled it and found out that 8 stones is in fact 110 lbs. Now I am going to go mid-evil on Heidi's bum, whom obviously ISN'T even 110 herself. 110 on someone who is 5'5 and above is skinny... I'm not sure if she is just looking for a walking F'ing skeleton or what, but she is tripping if she thinks that is fat. What a B___!

Bill Gates Likes To Dig

Oh don't ya just love celebrity/personality's that get caught picking their noses? No?! Me neither. Photos like this generally make me want to throw up , and run to the bathroom and wash my hands. Anyways in this particular photo it appears Bill or Billy as I like to call him, is enjoying himself tremendously and really who am I to rain on someone's parade?! Just don't shake his hand, ya'll.

Jennifer Lopez, AKA- J.Lo and Her Chihuahua

He scares me, no really he does. That man is a control freak, walking zombie dog. Did that not make sense? Just look at the pics and it'll all become clear. These photos are of J.Lo and her husband Marc Anthony, shooting for their movie. How long is this movie going to take?! Gee, Katie Holmes could actually get knocked up for real, before their even half-way done with this, what I'm sure is to be, crappy movie. Gigli anyone?! Ohhh the horrors.... ~Shudder~ Anyone else hear Kanye West's song, "I ain't saying she a gold digger, (grunt) (grunt) but she ain't messing with no broke ____. " When ever I say J.Lo's full name that song runs through my head. "Get down girl, go head get down..."

Monday, January 30, 2006

Because You Love Me!

Just wanted to drop a quick line and let ya'll know I'm off to the gym to be tortured by the spin class instructor. I love that in order to go to said gym I have to fill in brows, perfume and put my best clothes on. :0) I am so vain, I bet you wish this post was about you!! Don't You?! Don't you?! Kidding. Going to the gym always feels me with dread, determination, and a bit of excitement. I will be posting bright and earlish tomorrow morning, so catch ya then. Virenda Out! P.s. That was soo very lame, I hang my head in shame.

Joaquin Phoenix, You Confuse Me!

Here is the thing with Joaquin, he is not very attractive in the movies or interviews but man can he take a GREAT picture. There is just something about him, and it really comes across in pictures. I complied a few photographs that I thought were really good. If you have any just email em and I'll post them. Nothing really going on in Joaquin news, it's just my revelation that he is indeed a good picture taker. Enjoy... P.s. Isn't the first photo amazing?! It's not just that he is attractive, but more that he is acting or pushing across emotion and the photographer is able to capture it.

My Life Is A Down Comforter...

Okay so the weekend was okay, you know nothing exciting but it could have been worse. I did buy a new blanket/comforter for my bed, because the old one was ripped. Wanna know how long I have had the previous blanket? 6 years, that is so sad! Not just 6 years of using it every now and then, no it's 6 years of EVERY DAY! I would like to say in my old blankets behalf that it was the most comfortable blanket/comforter ever!!! I maybe shed a tear or two... So I went to Linens & Things, for the FIRST time in my life. Yes I know I'm completely out of touch. Great sale going on people, I would go and check it out. Anyways the point is, I went to go find a down comforter and found it right away, for a great price I might add, but I ended up spending two hours there. I bought Jelly Bellys and a comforter and still managed to spend over 2 hours at a home store, which amazes me since I'm not a homestore kinda girl; shoe store definitely! I could easily have spent thousands, you know, IF I had thousands. So not much else, that is the extent of my exciting life, going and buying a blanket. ~Sigh~ My new blanket rocks though, it's soft and warm and comfy. I didn't want to get out of bed this morning, but my husband made me. GOD, do the kids really need to eat and go to school I ask you?! Do they!?! I'm going to my spin class tonight and I'm dragging Lena along, which is awesome. I'm told she has a great story, which can ONLY be told in person, look forward to the update about that one. (kidding). I bought shoes!!! I went to Ebay which I really haven't done in forever and found a pair of shoes that I had been salivating over but couldn't afford at the time. They are regularly 90 bucks and yes I know that is not a lot but when you have 3 kids and a husband, they come first and not your need for cute shoes. Later All, I will probably update later, once my house is clean and I can find a way to tie my children up without bruises showing, the school looks down on the sort of thing. P.s I bought these shoes with shipping, brand new, for 20.49. Go Me!!! They are Bandolini by the way, NOT payless or anything... I know you were judging me and calling me cheap, maybe even, god forbid, calling my shoes cheap. WHICH they aren't, there quality shoes, ~sigh~ Haters!

What Not To Wear To The SAG's...

These two pics are from the SAG awards. No I didn't watch it and honestly I could care less. I did however find these two pics and had to post them because Nicolette looks horrible as always and I'm not sure what is up with Eva. She obviously is trying to smack down them rumors of her break up or at least those nasty rumors/facts of her messing around with Jamie Foxx. All I know is these two dresses are ugly, sorry people they ARE! p.s. Eva's dress is kinda pretty but her hair and everything isn't working and the dress is BORING...

Jennifer Garner Is Back And Beautiful

Doesn't Jen look pretty??? Glad her and her husband are back in L.A. and hope that their enjoying their new little family. The Afflecks have left Georgia and landed back to LA. Jen is making her first public appearances since giving birth 2 months ago. While Martha Stewart got the first post baby interview, it was only over the phone. This Sunday she honored Samuel L Jackson at the 8th Annual Gospel Brunch for the I Have A Dream foundation. p.s. Before you know it she will lose the baby fat and be back to her muscular self. She still looks amazing.

Reese Witherspoon Was Scared To Sing

She told Britain's Arts and Books Review magazine:
"I just assumed we were using their music and then he said, 'Oh no, you're going to be learning to sing.' "You should've heard me in the beginning - it was really bad. I was like, 'I can't do this.' "Singing in front of thousands of people made me as nervous as thinking about childbirth."
Singing in fron of thousands, or having a child?! Yeah their both pretty scary, unless of course YOU can sing in which case it's probably not as scary. For those of us that are slightly tone def and sound like dying cats, well it's a tad scarier.

Jessica Simpson Has That Morning After Face...

Wonder who put that smile on Jess's face huh, huh, HUH?!!! (winks to ensue) Here Jessica is shopping at Dari on Ventura Blvd. on Saturday. By the way she has no ass, not really. Love the handbag though, maybe I could jump her when no one is looking at take off with that bag? Good idea maybe?! By the way if you hop over to Chic Mommy you can gladly find out how much (1200) and where to buy that lovely bag.

Jessica Alba Is So Pretty, So Pretty and Witty and Gayyy!!

Oh so pretty... I want to hate on her for the simple reason that she is so flipping cute that I want to vomit and by cute I mean sexy and by sexy I mean I hate her guts! Okay so she can't act but she sure can stand around looking cute, which in Hollywood means your a hot commodity. So I'm sure we will be seeing her around for a while to come. Maybe she can somehow become disfigured, hey all I am saying is maybe?! These pictures were taken of Jessica while she was out shopping in West Hollywood with a friend on Friday. Important stuff people.

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline Attend Prom!

Oh wait, I meant they look like they attended a prom. *Wink*Wink* When I say attend prom of course you know I meant the prom circa 1985, cause that dress is sad and I'm not sure what K.Fed is sporting'. It's good to see both of em showered... p.s. This is picture was taken of them at the SAG's.

Matthew McConaughey May Cause Insanity, ~Sigh~

Can I hate her?! ~sigh~ Okay Lena you need to turn away from the screen. I warn all women, that if they view these two photos they will be tormented, and insanity may ensue!!! Here we have Matthew on the beach with his girlfriend Penelope Cruz, and it's apparent that he is teasing her with a bouquet of roses. I love that he is also holding his little doggie as well. Okay can I vomit now? Just to let you all know his doggie's name is Miss Hub, isn't that sweet? Um, what's up with the shirt?! Penelope must be an animal, no wonder he loves her...

Hugh Jackman Is A Happy Man

I was going to be mean and say something about how his wife isn't very attractive but you know what?! I am NOT down for that this morning, it is all about the love. I mean just look at Hugh's face! That man is happy, he's shopping with his beautiful kids and loving wife and really isn't that what life is about? Being loved and loving someone in return?? So you go Hugh Jackman!!! By the way, don't you love the picture of Hugh holding his baby girl? That's the, " baby is trying to jump out of my hands hold" squirmy little buggers.

Ben Afflek, Ohhh Pump It, Pump, Pump, Pump It!

Okay if you didn't sing that to the sound of "Push It" then you have some problems. Nothing exciting going on here, just a few pictures of Ben pumping gas and getting the paper. Must be a pain to go outside and have pictures taken of you no matter what your doing. Oh poor Ben... By the way Ben must be working out because he is looking pretty lean, maybe it's the caffeine diet?

Michael Sick-O Jackson

Here we have standard fare pictures of Michael hiding and peeping through his window. What a complete wack-job. This man is sick and needs medical help, not to mention that he is seriously the scariest looking person ever! Enjoy the freak show...