Monday, July 03, 2006

Vintage Posh Beckham

After posting the latest photos of Posh I was reminded of a kinder gentler time. A time when Spice Girl's, "If Ya Wanna be my Lover" blared on the radio and Posh was an athletic woman who smiled. When did you stop smiling Posh, when?
When I was younger me and my friends all choose who we'd be based on looks and personality. I was always HANDS DOWN Posh from the Spice Girls. Which deep down made me happy even though I totally made fun of the Spice Girls but only cause you know ALL THE BOYS liked them and of course I WAS JEALOUS. I've grown though and put my jealousy aside (yeah right) and just wish for the healthy looking Posh with normal hair and a face that didn't make you think of E.T. So Ladies & Gents I give you my TRIBUTE to Posh Beckham. . .
Oh Victoria you were so cute.
The transformation was close at hand.
I think it's your fault David. The pressure of being married to your royal hottiness upset the cerebral balance and caused her brain to short circuit. She gave up being happy to hang on to your fame and adoration. I think you look best here. You can grow your hair out but you should have said NO to tanning your skin into leather and making your once natural breasts turn into rock hard Barbie boobies.


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