Thursday, June 08, 2006

Lingerie Bowl Anyone?

Okay this is just for the guys. Who in the hell am I kidding? This is for the women to tear these biotches down, or at the very least complain about the awkward way they are holding the ball.
Oh and please no one look at the faces, I never said anything about the blonds having a cute face. If I was going to play football I'd be afraid of the blonds, they look like they've been tackled a few hundred times.
Wasn't she like an Housewife of Orange County or something like that?
They are so greasy looking it's kind of making me nauseous.
She's the only one with a cute face and I hate her. In fact I hate them all and I hope when they play football they get kicked. A lot. Like a lot, a lot. In the face. Did I mention kicking?


Blogger Teri M. said...

Yeah, the brunette is the only cute one.

Rest in the knowledge that all that dark, slick skin is workin' on being cancerous.

OK people - don't flame me, I don't really mean that. Much.

6/08/2006 07:48:00 PM  

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